Monday, December 5, 2011

Xmas Present...

I think Boudoir is the "Perfect" gift you could give your husband or significant other. I love shooting boudoir, one of my favorite types of sessions. After all the families I have had the last couple months due to the holiday season, it was nice seeing S for her boudoir yesterday.

It was great chatting, laughing and hanging out... here is your sneak peek, hope you love them!!!


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What is Boudoir...

Boudoir is the new thing right now, so popular. How often do us women feel beautiful about ourselves? Boudoir photography gives you that chance, the chance to see yourself in a different light. My clients are always nervous at first, but in the end they are in LOVE with the way they look and have a boost in their self confidence. To see a women feel happy and beautiful is what has made Boudoir one of my favorite type of sessions.

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